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    Incident template view - HPD:TemplateSPGLookUp

    Peter Lundqvist
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      I was helping a user create a template when I discovered that templates that are created from HPD:TemplateSPGLookUp are only listed if the field 'Status Template' is set to "Enabled". If they are not enabled they "disappear". So I had a look at the table in that form to confirm my suspicions.


      The table looks at HPD:TemplateSPGAssocLookup with the following qualification

      ('Template Name' LIKE $z1D Char10$) AND

      ('Login ID' = $z1D Char11$) AND

      ('Status Template' = "Enabled") AND

      ('Status-SGA' = "Enabled")


      So... this does not seem right. How is the template status supposed to be used? It seems worthless the way it is implemented.

      Am I missing something very obvious?