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    SRD within a drop down of SRD

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      Hi fellas,


      I am going to create an SRD, which we call service internally. So please treat SRD as a service whenever I speak of it below.


      I have a requirement wherein I ask the user a question,  like - "Which service is the most sensitive", and provide him with a drop down.


      When the user clicks on the drop down, the drop down auto updates and provides a list of SRD's / services which we have already deployed.


      Is this possible in Remedy ITSM?


      My initial thought was to use dynamic menus, but I am not sure about the idea.


      Would the kind folks on Community kindly offer their feedback on this?


      Thanks in advance

      Memento Mori


      PS → I hope I am clear enough here. In case I am being vague anywhere with my requirements, kindly bring it to my attention. Thanks.