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    Have self service users able to view other's logs Track it 11.4

    Daniel Hutchinson



      We are planning on setting up a system where one of our departments are able to use the self service portal to log in and check the progress of their logs, with the intention of spreading it to other users if this works

      They currently have an automatic email is sent from a system they use, to us, through a generic email, which we then forward to the department to deal with this

      The problem arises is that if I were to set them all up on self service they would be able to see anything they logged fine, but none from this automatic system which is the main thing we want to get working

      We also would like that the department can search the logs of all other members of the department if possible


      I cannot find any setting on how to control what access the users get on self service though

      Any help would be appreciated