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    How to include activities from the Activity Feed in a mail sent from a ticket?

    Martin Lofgren
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      Does anybody have an idea on how to include activities from the Activity Feed in a mail being sent from a ticket? The best way would of course be if it was possible to include these the same way you're able to include the content from the ticket fields, but since you're not I would like to find a workaround. An easy copy/paste or even as an attachment would do, but so far I haven't been able to come up with anything readable and smooth enough.


      The sceario is: A ticket is being work upon for a while which includes some mails back and forth that all are nicely displayed in the Activity Feed. At a certain point you'd like to include a new person via mail from the ticket, a person that hasn't been involved previously and is not a Remedyforce Console user. Then you'd like that person to get the background in historical order in that email so he/she can easily get into the discussion.


      The functionality as such is available in other ticketing tools, and when it's not it's very tempting to use email conversations instead outside the system, outside the ticket, which is not what you want the agents to do since you may miss out on valuable information stored in the ticket.


      So, any good suggestions outthere?