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    Audit of Control-M Host Group changes

    Tammy Ryan
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      How do you find out what changes were made to a Host Group?  Specifically if any hosts were added or removed from the Host Group.

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          Marco Bellusci

          I guess, you need to run an SQL, the utlities or you should see it in the ctm-logs.


          I would love, and I'm waiting since ctm version 7, that they improve the hole CCM.


          For example, in CCM under Hostgroups its not possible to search for servernames within groups or to filter something. We have like 400 agents, and we need to klick everyone to be able to see, what server is behind. Or then you run the nodegroup utlites to get a list.

          I also miss some kind of history, or the audit-info you search.

          I would love to be able to klick on a hostgroup and see the last 10 changes in an overview with those columns:

          change_date, change_userid, old parameter, new parameter. Something similar like the Version-History for the Folders/Jobs.

          Also an overview with all SAP-, AFT, MFT-Accounts etc. would be helpfull.


          Same thing for the components or parameters. There is no possiblity to see, who has done what and when in the CCM.

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