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    Updating Software Server CI name in CMDB from ADDM

    Rajat Jain
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      Hi Guys,


      I want to send a customize name for SI from ADDM to CMDB. For the same, I have written a CMDB Extension TPL but it is working only for SI which are NOT on cluster. For the CIs running on cluster, this is not working. I understand the reason for the same as - there is a "for" loop on host name, which is putting the filter only on Hosts and not clusters. But is there a way to include SI running on cluster also for these changes?


      The purpose of pattern is that whenever the SI name contains subword "Oracle Database Server" or "Sybase ASE Database", the SI name in CMDB changes to the name coming out of the regular expression used in below script.



          software_server:= SoftwareInstance_SoftwareServer.softwareserver;

          SI_Instance:= softwareInstance.instance;



      for each host do



         if SI_Name has subword 'Oracle Database Server' or SI_Name has subword 'Sybase ASE Database' then

             log.debug("software instance available, mapping it to NameFormat in BMC_SoftwareServer");

              software_server.Name:= regex.extract(SI_Name, regex '(?<=identified as).*$', raw'\1');

             log.debug("Updated Name as-> %software_server.Name%");

         end if;

      end for;

      end body;




      Rajat Jain