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    User's cannot login to Self-Service because Language Drop-down never loads

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      We just upgraded from Track-It! 11 to 2018 and now we have quite a few users who cannot log in to the Self-Service portal because the Language drop-down never loads. It just spins and says "loading". If you click login it says you have to choose a language to login, but you can't choose a language because the drop-down doesn't work.


      Ideally I'd like the option to remove having to choose a language at all and just default to English for everyone, but if that isn't possible (which I don't see it in the settings anywhere) we need the drop-down to work.


      I've found that for some people, resetting their browser and rebooting will solve the problem temporarily, but it usually comes back the next time they login. Resetting their browser every time they want to put in a ticket is not a sustainable solution.


      Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening and how to solve it?

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