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    How do I populate the Affected Asset field in INC ticket from REQ form?

    Steven Pataray
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      Remedy ITSM 9.1.03

      Smart-IT /MyIT 1.6

      We created a Printer issues form in Request Management. For the Printers we are pulling the Serial number from the CMDB form. Then populated the Description field with the issue and the Serial number variables. However, management wants the Smart IT field "Affected Assets" to be filled in so when it closes it is tracked.


      I noticed that when you fill in that field manually it populates the CI+ field on the corresponding Incident form. So I worked with support to help Expose the CI field on HPD:Help Desk form and I thought I was able to map it successfully in the Process and Request Definition forms but when I submit the ticket the Affected Asset field is still not populating and the CI field doesn't get filled in on the INC form.. I even mapped the SR Field Type 1 with the printer variable but that didn't do anything.


      Sorry I've worked with Remedy 6.3 as an admin and working with straight workflow was easy. But now working with another layer is even more confusing. I know there are instructions on communities to map custom fields but this is not a custom field. I'm thinking it there must be a filter that I need to update to get to that field.