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    Some hosts aging, some not

    Jon Trotter
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      Someone noticed that we have some hosts that are not aging while others are, probably around 15 hosts are impacted. The ones that are not aging (it seems) are missing data in the Scanned Via attribute, but there are more than 10 discovery access records per host, which makes it an odd situation to determine why the host isn't aging. IPs have been confirmed in DNS for the hosts and there are no secondary IPs to scan. I've attempted to log into the hosts via command line or RDP by hostname and by IP with no success.


      Is this just bad data being reflected in ADDM or has anyone else experienced this?


      ADDM is

      ADDM OS is CentOS build 722067

      TKU is January 2018

      Storage January TKU also installed


      This is an example. This host has an age count of -4, but over a dozen failed access scans.


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          Andrew Waters

          From Discovery 11.2 there ia a new option (seen on the model maintenance page) Number of credential failures that count as one failed access. This slows down ageing of devices where Discovery used to, but no longer has, access to the device. By default the value of this is 5 meaning that there need to be 5 no access failures for age_count to be decremented so effectively ageing is slowed down by a factor of 5. If you want the original behaviour you change change this value to 1.

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            Jon Trotter

            Thanks Andrew! We made some changes here, but I did not pay attention to this new feature. Exactly what I needed.