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    Can Remedy put electronic signatures in PDF or Word documents?

    Karl-Anders Falk
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      Have yo seen customers sign documents in Remedy ITSM?


      One of my customers send and receive documents as worklog attachments. This is a regulatory thing and is implemented to ensure no one can tamper with the content of the documents.

      Once received they need to download them->print them-> sign them with ink -> scan them ->re-attach them to a worklog. A lot of work!


      It is either word-documents or PDF's.


      Has anyone seen or done an integrating with a signing service that would digitally sign the attached document ... avoiding the manual steps?


      Note: The approval engine would put an electronic signature on the Remedy record but not in the  the word/pdf document itself. It is therefore not an option, as it would not prevent anyone from changing the doc once it is extracted form Remedy.


      In case:

      1) How was it done?

      2) What tool was used?

      3) Who did it?


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