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    Truesight DefaultMapping.map comparison to Remedy ITSM web forms

    Tammy Ryan
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      Is there any documentation that shows how the fields in DefaultMapping.map of the TrueSight IBRSD/conf directory map to the BSR forms in Remedy? 
      We're finding there are fields in DefaultMapping.map that don't exist in the Remedy forms and have to be sent to Remedy from TrueSight using TempValue fields.  It would be nice to see a document that depicts this information. 


      For instance, FirstName & LastName are commented out in the DefaultMapping.map and have to be sent as 2 Temp_Value fields in TrueSight/BSR integration but existed in BPPM/IBRSD. 

      Reported_Source could be sent with a valid value from BPPM/IBRSD but has a default value in TrueSight/BSR (or can be custom if you use Temp_Value field)