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    BMC CLM Option choice(option inside option)

    Rupesh Raut

      Hi All,


      I need your help to implement below requirement.


      At my current environment have two vCenter. I want to create option choice should be like options inside options.

      for example there are two groups in vCenter like group1 and group2 . group1 will have two clusters and group2 will have other two cluster.


      If end user will select vCenter options it shoud show two vCenter after that If user select any one of the vCeneter it should display Cluster names.


      Can you please explain me how can do this.




      Rupesh Raut

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          Martijn Haverhoek

          Sounds like you need to develop a custom panel. With for instance a dropdown list to select the vCenter and then an AO workflow behind it that reads the clusternames in that vCenter. You will need a quite recent version of CLM in order to create custom panels.

          You can find more information about custom panels on the documentation website.


          Hope this helps.