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    closure policy

    Steve Robinson
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      I have two cells that I am propagating events from the lower cell to a higher cell.

      I am trying to get an closure policy to work on the upper cell but it is not working.

      How do I trace this to know what I am dealing with?



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          Yogeesh Kompa

          Hi Steve,


          Can you elaborate more on the issue.


          Have you configured closure policy on the upper cell that you mentioned?


          Have you tried selecting upper cell for the incoming events under selector of the policy?




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            Steve Robinson

            I have set up the closure policy on the upper cell.

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              Garland Smith

              If the event is making its way into the TSIM or TSPS Console, you should be able to see what policies were applied in the logs and notes section.  If it didn’t get processed by the Closure Policy (I guess if the event remains open, then it didn’t get processed by the closure policy), then I’d look at the conditions that were specified in the policy.  That’s all that comes to mind.




              Garland Smith

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                Steve Robinson

                Garland not using Truesight. Using BPPM 9.6

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                  Brendan Murray

                  The original post for this thread is old, but since there is a recent update, I will assume the question is still open.


                  The answer is to turn on cell tracing, either dynamically by using cell CLI commands or statically, by modifying configuration files and restarting the cell. This Communities post explains both approaches: What are the different ways of enabling cell trace ?  As the article explains, you can configure cell tracing to just trace a particular rule phase or even an individual rule. This will make it easier to read the trace output.


                  The rule that handles closure policies is im_internal_closure. It is a 'new' rule, i.e. it executes in the new phase. It can be found in the cell kb/rules directory in the file im_internal.mrl.