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    Idea module not working properly?

    LJ LongWing

      An idea popped into my inbox for some unknown reason this morning....but I saw something that concerned me




      It said I had 'voted down'...didn't at the time notice the '28 time.' at the end....


      This concerned me because I have a policy in general to not vote anything down unless I truly think it's a bad idea to add support for something...and I don't think I've ever done that...so i read all the comments and figured that at minimum I would have abstained from voting, but wouldn't have voted down....so I went to the idea in question and looked at the voting history and found my name NOT on the list, either up or down....then I noticed this




      It in fact confirmed, I neither voted up or down....so....I'm


      1 - Not sure why this showed up in my inbox as there hasn't been anything done with it in several years

      2 - Not sure why my inbox shows me as having voted down

      3 - Not sure why the idea itself shows me as having not voted when #2 says I have...