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    Adding new Work Info Types to Change

    Edison Pioneer

      Hi fellas,


      We have a major Change activity slated today in a few hours from now.


      One of the task is to add a new Work Info Type to Change console.


      Till the previous moment, I was of the opinion that we need to add in selection values of Work Info Type field in CHG:Infrastucture Change and that will be all.

      But, after going through a few discussions on Communities, I have arrived at the realization that this is not as simple as it looks. There are many other forms related to change on all of which we have to modify the Work Info Type field.


      We are on 9.1.03. Would someone kindly list all the forms on which we have to add the new Work Info Type so that everything goes hassle free?


      While we have not yet decided on enum ID, I would still like to go ahead with this new Work Info Type creation.


      Thanks in advance

      Memento Mori


      Below are the links which I found while doing my research.












      The attached doc is what I had created preposterously assuming the simplicity of that task.


      Carl Wilson - your suggestion would be most valuable here. Thanks