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    Trying to use Find&Update to add ON/DO Action with multiple Do actions

    Michael Steffen

      We are using Control-M V9, Fix Pack 5 and I have over 1700 jobs that I need to add an ON/DO Action and can’t figure out if I can do it using the Find and Update. Here’s what I’d like it to look like:


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      I know how to do this manually, obviously. I can also do a mass update using Find and Update if I only have one Do action. It’s the second Do action I can’t figure out. I would prefer that both the Alerts Window and xmatters action be in the same ON/DO Statement rather than 2 separate ones since some of these jobs have multiple ON/DO Actions and it could get to be quite a long list of them. I’ve tried everything I can think of but the result is always that the last DO action specified is the one that ends up in the statement. Any help would be appreciated as I’d hate to have to do all 1700+ jobs manually. Thanks!