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    Product name and model/version in CI record

    Mahamadou Traore
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      Hi Experts,


      In hardware CI record (like Computer System), under General tab, we find product categorization. The product name+ label has a database field name '' Model Number''. The database field for Model/Version is '' version number''.


      Is that mean the Label (Product Name+) should be Product Model or simply Model and Model/Version to Version? Version is not for software CI only? CI record discovered by Discovery Tool has only Product Name Field populated.


      Thank you

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          Carl Wilson


          some of the naming conventions are from previous versions, whereas if you were to upgrade there would be a need to "migrate" data to the new DB fields - same thing for Tier 1, 2 and 3 of the Product Cats still being called Category, Type and Item.

          I don't believe there is an "easy" fix across all customers/forms/data, thus this something that we have to live with for the time being.




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