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    Error while installing TSVM

    Deepak Rajput
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      I am trying to install TSVM getting error. Attached is the log file.

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          Kunal Panigrahi

          HI Deepak,


          This seems to be an issue with connecting to the Postgres DB from the application install host.


          'psql: could not connect to server: Host is unreachable\n\tIs the server running on host "" and accepting\n\tTCP/IP connections on port 5432?\n', 'ExitCode': 2}


          Can you give the fully qualified hostname of the database? If the hostname is not resolving, can you edit he /etc/hosts file on the host where you are installing the application and have the IP and hostname mapped there?


          Can you make sure that the postgres DB is listening on for all the addresses "*" on port 5432? You can check this by opening the <TSVM_POSTGRES_INSTALL_HOME>/<tablespace_name>/data/postgresql.conf for the below entries and it should look like this?

          listen_addresses = '*'

          port = 5432


          Also check the <TSVM_POSTGRES_INSTALL_HOME>/<tablespace_name>/data/pg_hba.conf last few lines to have the below entries:

          host all all md5

          host all all ::/0 md5

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            Raja Rajesh

            Hi Deepak,

            I understand u have the PostGRE DB is on the same server as the VM,

            For the DB Server, Give the actual ip address of the DB server instead of or localhost.

            The connection refusal is due to setting in pg_hba.conf configuration file of PostGRE DB

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