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    SNMP Adapter MAP file usage-syntax to create new class if certain condition matches ?

    Kaushik KM

      Hi Everyone!!


      We need to modify the map file to match the below condition and create a new class for certain events -


      Event Baroc FORMAT 1)





      snmp_vals=['string one''string two' ' string three yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy' ];


      Event Baroc FORMAT 2)





      snmp_vals=['string one'

      'string two'

      string three yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'];


      snmp_oids, snmp_oidst are different for above two events but snmp_enterprise and snmp_specific is same


      map file goes like this after parsing the MIB:


      CLASS SNMP_cps

               $Enterprise equals /^1\.3\.6\.1\.4\.1\.2\.6\.201($|\.)/


                          CLASS SNMP_problemTrap

                          $Specific equals 3

                          snmpv_cpsSystemSendTrap = GetListElem ($var, 0)






      PROBLEM ) two diffrent format of the events are coming under the same class as their snmp_enterprise and snmp_specific are same.

      but i want to have a diffrent class for each of the above events so that i can do further string manipulation on two diffrent class event.

      as of now the rule which i write for 1st format of the event will fail for 2nd.

      (we can get the format 2 to format 1 by replacing new line character with null using mrl and perform string manipulation but i would like to know how to modify map file)



      do we have any documentation to modify variables in map file ? any help is appreciated!!


      IMP NOTE: snmp_vals is coming with NO comma inbetween string one string two ..... so the complete thing is one element.




      Kaushik KM