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    Neatening up advanced search queries

    Jake Crossin

      Hi All


      I'm a current user of BMC Remedy AR System and I use the Advanced Search feature a lot of the time


      I'm trying to find ways to optimise this


      Currently I'm running a search that checks 4 different 'Assigned Group*+' fields, and 4 different 'Status*' fields


      I've been able to optimise the status field search by using the != modifier and not searching for 3/7 of the fields we have (instead of the 4/7 I need to search in)


      My current search looks like this


      ('Status*' != "Closed" AND 'Status*' != "Resolved" AND 'Status*' != "Cancelled") AND ('Assigned Group*+' = "ESMC_SD_ServiceDesk" OR 'Assigned Group*+' = "ESMC_SD_IncidentChild" OR 'Assigned Group*+' = "ESMC_SD_Unclassified" OR 'Assigned Group*+' = "ESMC_SD_ServiceRequestMgmt")


      As you can see, I need to specify Status 3 times, and need to specify Assigned Group 4 times


      Is there some way to simplify this, in the gist of ('Assigned Group*+' = "ESMC_SD_ServiceDesk"; "ESMC_SD_IncidentChild"; "ESMC_SD_Unclassified"; "ESMC_SD_ServiceRequestMgmt") ?


      I know that specific search doesn't work, and I've tried a few others, but running into a wall


      Is this possible or am I stuck with my lengthy search terms?