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    Failed to load data for report

    Vern Meyer
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      One of our monthly reports stopped producing results in service analytics. Looking at the logs, we see the following error:


      ERROR|2018-09-05T09:50:06.880|PDT|SPSSVR169|ajp-bio-8009-exec-2|*.analytics.plugin.ReportEditor.loadData()|||Failed to load data for report with id 10401 and type CROSS_ITEM.|

      * Stack Trace Summary:

        - com.numarasoftware.footprints.analytics.AnalyticsDataAccessServiceException : Unexpected Analytics Data Access error. [Analytics.AnalyticsDataAccess.001]

        - java.lang.NumberFormatException : For input string: ""


      We've run this report every month for years, we haven't made any system changes or upgrades. Any ideas?