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    SSO setup for Control-M web access (WCM / SLS)

    Andy Teo


      I would like to implement SSO on Control-M WCM/SLS web access.

      I am using Control-M I am referring to the administration guide on SSO setup under this section, "Configuring SSO authentication with Control-M web server" and I am stuck with the 1st step >> Deploy one of the following SSO plug-ins provided by the SSO vendor : 1) Valve or 2) Filter.

      I believe I will need to install a SSO agent in the EM server. Correct me if I am wrong.


      Anyone out there has successfully setup SSO on Control-M WCM/SLS? Able to share which SSO vendor is used?


      Pardon my ignorance question.....

      Our organisation is using BMC Remedy and it has Remedy SSO server. Can we use RemedySSO for Control-M SSO setup?