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    Is there any way to get the next row value in the present row

    BrahmanandaReddy B
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      I have a requirement which gives the sample output data like the below table (Column 1 and Column 2).


      Audit Date is the Audit Date and Time spent is the Date difference from the current to the previous Audit date and the Expected output column is where we need to get from Time spent


      Audit DateTime SpentExpected output

      17/8/2018 2:30

      17/8/2018 4:30675*260**
      17/8/2018 9:30260**12765**
      20/8/2018 12:3012765***Time Difference from the Current Date to Audit date.



      What kind of formula would get the results like on the Expected Output column? The input for the column is Time Spent.