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    growth of param.hist file

    Steve Robinson
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      I have a relative new patrol version running the 11.0.2 agent with the patrol for  unix km vs 10.7.1 on aix 7.1


      I have a param.hist file that is growing much larger than any of my other agents.

      How can I did into the file to figure out what is causing the file size?

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          Garland Smith

          I’m not aware of anything different in 11.x from earlier versions of the PATROL Agent.  PATROL History size is based on KMs, instances, and parameters.  Check the value for /AgentSetup/historyRetentionPeriod (the default is one day).  Use dump_hist.  Check the size of the Annotate.dat file.




          That’s all I can think of at the moment.


          Garland Smith