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    Patrol Agent is consuming high disk space on monitored servers

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      The Patrol Agent on the monitored servers is consuming the disk space making some servers to crash.



      the following path: C:\Program Files\BMC Truesight\Patrol3\tmp

      is filling up on daily bases with big size files called (Patrol_Installer_Backup).

      on some servers it reached 200 GB

      Your quick response is appreciated.



      Note: After opened ticket with BMC support team ,they tell me to applied the following solution but the issue is still appearing.


      “Here are the steps we followed.


      1. 1. Uninstall BMC Tool from control panel +> Program installed
      2. 2. Uninstall Patrol Agent - Run Uninstall.exe from below location


      1. 3. After successful uninstallation there should not be /Patrol3 directory resided on server. If it is present, please delete it.
      2. 4. Copy new package on the server which we deployed on server during last WebEx and run below command from command prompt to finish the installation.

      > RunSilentInstall.exe -no_backup


      Note: Stop PatrolAgent service before uninstallation or upgradation.


      Since, all previous PatrolAgent are installed without -no_backup option and that creating backup files on server. You need to perform all above steps on all problematic server”