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    IIWS optimization for large scale environment.

    Ravinder Kumar
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      Hi All,


      We have implemented IIWS version 10.7 to integrate TSIM with an external ITSM tool. Since the transaction flow is huge we wanted to optimize IIWS to handle such load.


      Can someone please help us with optimization best practices and parameter values which needs to be tuned for a large scale environment.



      Ravinder Kumar

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          Seth Paskin

          Hi Ravinder Kumar

          Perhaps this document will be of some use:


          General sizing guidelines and best practices for Infrastructure Management




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            Ravinder Kumar

            Hi Seth,


            We performed following steps to re-size the environment as recommended by BMC:



            The configuration suggestions from the ImWebServices.conf file  <\Impact Web Services\Tomcat\webapps\imws\WEB-INF\etc>

            MessageBufferKeepSent=43200 # Keep messages in the buffer up to 12 hours while waiting for an answer.

            MessageBufferKeepWait=172800 # Keep messages in the buffer up to 2 days while trying to connect to the cell.

            MessageBufferBaseSize=60000 # Initial size of the message buffer 60000. It will anyways expand as required.

            MessageBufferSizeLimit=0  #0 Means unlimited

            MessageBufferReconnectInterval=60 # If failing to connect to the cell, retry after a minute.

            MessageBufferResendCount=100 # Resend a message a 100 times in case it goes unanswered.

            MessageBufferExpandPercentage=10 # Expand the buffer by 10% of it's size every time it reaches it's limit

            Steps to increase memory for IIWS are as below:
            1. Navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Impact Web Services\Tomcat\bin\" folder in command prompt and run the below command

            tomcat7.exe //US//BMCIIWS --JvmMs 512 --JvmMx 1200

            After this is run, they should stop the IIWS service, clean up the logs and start the service again.


            Ravinder Kumar