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    Control-M : How to disable smart folder to get triggered on new day if my previous day run is not complete and is in waiting state

    Amrita Chandra

      Hi All,


      I am a new Control-M user.


      I have a requirement wherein I have created 3 smart folders in Control-M with set of jobs.

      New day time is at 12 AM. Folder A gets triggered at 12:20 AM everyday.

      Folder B depends on Folder A's execution and Folder C depends on folder B.


      I have a file watcher job after Folder B and before Folder C starts.This file is manually provided by business everyday.


      If a file is not provided for a day, my folder 3 goes in waiting state.  I have kept my folders to remain active post new day.

      My requirement is if my folder 3 did not execute and is in waiting state, Folder 1 should not be triggered after New day and it should wait until a file is provided and previous day run is complete for Folder 3.


      Please help me as I am not sure how to configure this in my IN and OUT conditions.