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    Physical Disks monitoring: Where in the BPPM is PDStatus attribute ?

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      i'm trying to find the PDStatus attribute graph related to Windows Physical Disks monitoring.


      When deploying the CMA policy for physical disks i get this hierarchy:


      According to the docs PDStatus is an attribute of monitor type Physical DIsk Performance, which is a container (shouldn't it be supposed not to have parameters?)

      The docs show that this attribute is set as "graph by default"=No, but i'm not sure this has something to do with the graph icon missing at monitor type level.


      Investigating, i found out that by editing a copy of PATROL__NT_OS_32.xml into pw/pronto/sysdata/adapter-overrides i should be able to add a line like:

      <adapter-attribute uid="PDStatus" type="Stats" display-type="float" displayable="true" availability="false" response-time="false" graph-by-default="true" normal-distribution="true" monitor-for-abnormalities="false" kpi="false" />

      and set the property graph-by-default to true. Restarting BPPM did not achieve anything though.


      I've also had a look, in bppm Sybase db, in the attribute_meta table, but i can't find the graph-by-default property (unless it's hidden in the mask column) and it looks like this:



      501008500,501008,500,2,5,'Physical Disks Instance Status','PDStatus','PDStatus','_PATROL__NT_PHYSICAL_DISKS_CONTAINER','0=OK;1=Instance Removed;','0.0',0,51905024,0,0,0.0,0.0,4,100,0,0,3,'PDStatus',,'1',,,,,1515403956121,1515403956121,'1.154','16050'



      It was a blind shot, so anybody has ideas ? It's also possible to set global and instance thresholds on this PDStatus attribute, so there should be a way to display it, shouldn't it ?