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    Footprints 12 + mailbox integration errors in error logs

    Indra Thomas

      Recently we increasingly notice that mailbox processing of mails is slower in Footprints 12.


      We see two errors repeated more frequently in error logs, has anyone seen these errors before? We need help.



      ERROR|2018-08-10T12:59:47.020|BST|P-Footprints01|EmailIncomingProcessorJob-instance1_Worker-2|*.business.emailrequest.IncomingEmailExecutionManager.run()|||Could not process Email requests from server: outlook.office365.com|
      * Stack Trace Summary:
        - com.numarasoftware.footprints.business.emailrequest.IncomingEmailException : Cannot connect to the email server outlook.office365.com using account . ERROR: Read timed out [Business.EmailRequest.015]
              at com.numarasoftware.footprints.business.emailrequest.JavaMailConnectionHandler.connectToEmailServer(JavaMailConnectionHandler.java:231)
        - javax.mail.MessagingException : Read timed out
      ERROR|2018-08-10T13:00:01.520|BST|P-Footprints01|DatamartMaintenanceThread-51457|*.business.container.datamart.DatamartMaintenanceQueueProcessor.executeIncrementalLoadForItem()|||incremental load stored procedure call failed.|
      * Stack Trace Summary:
        - com.numarasoftware.footprints.core.dataaccess.DataAccessServiceException : Unexpected error. [Infrastructure.Error.001]
              at com.numarasoftware.footprints.infrastructure.framework.error.ServiceErrorHandlingAspect.throwExceptionSubclass(ServiceErrorHandlingAspect.java:187)
        - org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException : Unable to determine the correct call signature - multiple procedures/functions/signatures for 'email_handler___ACTVTY_INCR': found [p_footprints01.fpscdb001_ws_012.email_handler___ACTVTY_INCR, p_footprints01.fpscdb001_ws_012.email_handler_1_ACTVTY_INCR, p_footprints01.fpscdb001_ws_012.email_handler_2_ACTVTY_INCR]
              at com.numarasoftware.footprints.core.dataaccess.DefaultDynamicObjectDatabaseManager.executeStoredProcedureCall(DefaultDynamicObjectDatabaseManager.java:750)




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          Nicolas Roome

          The first error is not overly worrisome. It's not uncommon. But if you are getting a lot of that, talk to your network and email teams and if needed, your Support Provider.


          The second error curious. 'Unexpected error' have a plethora of reasons to them, usually you scroll up and look at the error(s) just before. What's strange about this particular one is what it is referencing... It seems to be referencing a database called 'p_footprints01' which is an odd name.. is that your DB name? On top of that, it seems to be referencing a database table called 'fpscdb001_ws_012.email_handler__ACTVTY_INCR' which is a very weird name. I have never heard of a table name like this. Do you have such a table?


          Any chance you guys migrated to v12 from v11 using AMIGO?

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            Indra Thomas

            Hi Nicolas,


            Thank you for your reply.


            Yes it is a stored procedure in our database.


            No we didn't migrate to v12 from v11 using AMIGO.