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    Patrol Agent Error: Stream Mode Received -1 for Message from CMA

    Abhay Bhagat

      Dear Experts,


      I am getting the error in  Patrol agent logs " Tue Aug 07 12:29:42 2018: Error: Stream Mode Received -1 for Message from CMA " and after the same agent is shown as disconnected in the TSPS managed device .


      Let me know if some one had faced this error and has a resolution for the same


      Workaround Known to me  : restarting the agent fixes the issue reestablishes the connection




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          Mariusz Cwiklinski


          I had the same issue and I have received the following answer from BMC Support:


          I would like to inform you that the reason for this error to happen is corrupted event cache. The Event and Statistics cache can get corrupted at time due to various incidents such as an abrupt shut down of the PATROL Agent. You can fix the corrupted cache in two ways:



          1] You can set up the variable given below setup the fix the corrupted cache at the time of agent restart.

          Set the /AgentSetup/integration/GDD/enableEventFixCache and /AgentSetup/integration/GDD/enableStatFixCache configuration variables to "yes" to automatically run recovery when the agent restarts.



          Note: This method should not be used as default. Fixing the cache is a resource intensive process and if automatic cache fixing is set by default, during the PATROL Agent start-up there might be cyclic abnormalities.



          2] [Recommended] Run fix_cache command-line utility.



          More information on fix_cache is available at fix_cache utility - Documentation for BMC PATROL Agent 11.3 - BMC Documentation

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