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    Smart IT - Build 54 - Resolution field not Expanding - Show More not working

    Emmanuel Galia

      Hi all - we just applied this hotfix: BMC Digital Workplace 18.02.00 – Smart IT Cumulative Hotfix 06-25-2018 - Build 54 - we had Build 14 prior. One of the things this new hotfix introduced was an expanded Resolution field (yay!) so you didn't have to hover over the "i" icon to see the Resolution. However, it's broken and doesn't show the "full" resolution. It has a "show more" link, which doesn't work (boo!).


      Here's a screenshot of the new look:

      Submitted a ticket to BMC and the latest response was "I checked and there is not a fix for this, nor plans to fix as it works as expected in 18.05". The ironic thing is that this new functionality was introduced in a 2.0/18.02 Hotfix, and Smart IT 2.0 is still under FULL SUPPORT until 05-Dec-2020.


      At any rate, has anyone else encountered this and what did you do to fix it?


      I just downloaded the latest hotfix - BMC Digital Workplace 18.02.00 – Smart IT Cumulative Hotfix 08-01-2018 - Build 73 - but haven't installed it yet. Read through the document and there was no mention about the Resolution field issue, so we're a bit leery on installing it because we're not sure on what it's going to break next. Will try to install it on our prototype environment next week, and I'll post an update here if we find out anything.


      Thanks in advance for anyone's feedback and/or help regarding this!!


      Be safe,