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    AO External Database up-gradation scenario

    Ankit Gupta

      Hello Experts,


      I am bit confuse with a scenario came acrose - My client having AO - 7.6.03 infra including CDP and HA-CDP with external database Oracle 11g. Now they want to upgrade this with AO - 7.9 with database Oracle 12c. We have separate server with Oracle 12c database for RSSO and HA-RSSO implementation. So my concern here is -


      Does CDP and HA-CDP will work with older version of database Oracle 11g? where I am planing to implement RSSO and HA-RSSO using external database Oracle 12c or we need to first migrate AO infra with Oracle 12c and later up-gradation take place.


      Please help me with your valuable comment. Thanks in advance.




      Ankit Gupta

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          Carl Wilson


          very easy to check compatibility on the BMC website:


          Recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version of AO as 7.9 runs out of full support next year, and they have similar dependencies.


          It also depends on what they are using the external DB for i.e. Metrics, or as a external data store for workflows ...




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