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    External support

    Igor Svetek
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      I have a particular task regarding setting up permissions and data access, but I have little experience regarding this subject.


      I need to provide access to external support. Unlike internal users, they do not have AD account and they should log in based on the accounts that are created inside ARS. This should not be an issue since we have some of this kind of accounts, for testing purpose.


      The challenge is how to limit the information they can access when they are inside. We would like that they have only access to the tickets in Incident Management that are assigned to their group and disallow them to query any other information (other incidents, users...). I know that by giving then only "Incident Viewer" role, I will limit them to the access only Incident management module, but this role allows then to query ("...the user will be able to only query incidents ...").


      Is there an OOTB setup or must we create some custom modifications?