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    (Global Tools Discovery) - 11.3_CesntOS 7 Steps

    Hitesh Jha

      Hello Everyone,


      I am working on the deployment of new Virtual appliance.while working on the network interface setting I have noticed On CentOS7, the requirement for eth0 is not true anymore.


      The OVF provided to us is built on Centos 7x, and all RHEL & Centos 7x  have the new naming scheme for network interface – ens*, unlike the traditional – eth*.

      Please confirm it shouldn’t make any difference as far as IP Address configuration goes, unless BMC Discovery is specifically expecting  for interface names with eth0.

      As checked further there are ways to change it back to eth0, eg: as mentioned here   https://www.thegeekdiary.com/centos-rhel-7-how-to-modify-network-interface-names/,

      though it would be better adhere to vendor provided instructions, as it’s a customized pre-built VM.


      Kindly advise:)


      Kindest Regards

      Hitesh Jha