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    Patrol Agent service on Windows stuck in stopping status

    Shea Jacobs

      We have a new issue in our environment restarting the Patrol Agent service on Windows servers. Whether restarting the agent locally through services.msc on the server, issuing a reinitialization through the agent query window in BPPM, or restarting an agent through Patrol Configuration Manager, the agent will get stuck in stopping status. The only common theme we have found so far is that it seems to only be happening on Windows server 2008 R2 Standard and Enterprise, and on Windows 2012 Standard. We've tried using a taskkill command from elevated command prompt, using powershell commands to stop the service, and task manager. No matter what we try, the agent remains in stopping status until a reboot of the server occurs, and then the agent is back to normal.


      Server administrators have investigated as well and can't see the root cause. They do find handles that are not able to kill which prevent the process from dying- see the attachment for those.


      No major changes have taken place on the Patrol Agent. Most agents are version 10.7, but there are a few version 9.6 agents also.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, were you able to find a root cause? I can't seem to enable debug for the Patrol agent w/ out restarting the service, making it difficult to gather debug before the issue occurs. I'm looking to see what other utilities we could use to try and catch some process debug as well, but wanted to get this question out there. Thanks in advance.

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          Michael Evans

          wow - that is a tough one.

          it sounds like something pervasive in the environment alongside of Patrol.  Possibly a recent windows patch? (but then others would report it).  Or perhaps another utility (anti-virus)?

          is it possible there is a policy that is common to those systems?

          i'm assuming no event logs correlate?

          if you restart the server does patrol immediately get stuck or can you stop patrol at will until xyz minute later?

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            Shea Jacobs

            Once the patrol agent gets stuck in stopping status and the server is rebooted, it seems as though everything returns to normal. I can restart Patrol over and over again with no issue. Our basic windows policies are common to those systems, but nothing has changed with those policies recently. I had not considered antivirus, thank you for that idea.


            We suspect a recent windows patch as well, since this issue has developed after the last patching cycle. Our system administrators have identified a possible patch and are testing uninstalling that patch. You're right though, if it were a patch I would suspect others would have the same issue and I wouldn't be the only one on communities asking about it. Thanks Michael.

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              Shea Jacobs

              Some of the Windows patches from July have been identified as the root cause of this issue. There are several mentions online of this causing the same issue for other applications and services as well. I opened a ticket to BMC support shortly after this question was posted here. They mentioned that they had 4 or 5 other customers report the exact same issue.


              There are several articles online which cover this. If anyone else experiences this issue, there should be many resources online that explain the issue, suspect patches, and resolution.