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    Limited number of characters of SUBSTR (SUBSTRC) function

    Tomas Danek

      I am facing an issue with number of characters which I need to get from Plan Text body field on "AR System Email Messages" form (I cannot use RBE forms) and send it to interface form. The email message sending to the Remedy contains around 5000 characters and I am using the SUBSTR (or SUBSTRC) function to get a data from Plan Text body field and send it to the interface form, field Description. Nevertheless, the Remedy cuts off a part of a message and sends approx 2800 characters (depends on used characters and blank lines) from "AR System Email Messages" to the interface form. Both fields are unlimited (Length = 0)


      Do you know how to unsure that a message will stay consistant, resp. will not be cut off?


      This is a construc that I use:


      SUBSTR($Plain Text Body$, STRSTR($Plain Text Body$, "<Description>") + 13, STRSTR($Plain Text Body$, "</Description>") - 1)


      Thanks a lot in advance,