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    BMC/Remedyforce Documentation URLs changed!

    Vijay Kankipati



      We have had the links to various sections of the documentation, for e.g. related to Summer '18 release as follows.


      2018-08-08 12_00_25-Page Not Found - BMC Documentation.png

      But, we realized today that all these links are not working any longer.  Upon digging further (from the main page, etc.), the same page is now at the URL below.



      When did and why did BMC suddenly change the URLs.  And, you do not offer any redirection from the old nor provided any announcements on this.

      We had shared the previous link with several stakeholders as preparation towards the upgrade and suddenly all of these are invalid.


      More over, none of the pages now shown the ability to add 'Comments', though it shows a Comments section.  Why?

      2018-08-08 12_02_42-20.18.02 enhancements - Documentation for BMC Remedyforce 20.18.02 - BMC Documen.png