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    BMC.AM namespace is missing

    George Payne

      My customer installed ARS 9.1.04, CMDB 9.1.04 and the ITSM Suite for 9.1.04 (including Asset Management).


      When I check the "SHARE:Application_Properties" form, Asset Management System shows up as installed and active and at the correct version: 9.1.04


      The fields that you would normally expect in BMC.AM namespace (Asset ID, Company, Department, Region, Room, Site, etc.) are all on the BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement form, but they do NOT show up in Class Manager.  In fact the BMC.AM namespace doesn't even show up as an available namespace in the drop-down menus in Class Manage or the Reconciliation Jobs.


      They have tried re-installing Asset Management and that didn't help a thing.  This issue is keeping People from being promoted to BMC_Person, it's keeping reconciliation jobs of all types from running...they just error out real quickly because the Company field can't be found.


      Support offered a KA that talks about removing BMC.AM attributes from reconciliation if Asset Management is not installed, but that's not what we want to do...


      In another environment, everything is working great!


      Is there any way to EXPORT the BMC.AM namespace from a working system and IMPORT it into the one that's deficient?

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          Mohammad Rehman

          Hi George,


          I am sure experts will share the knowledge and help you out.

          When you open the Asset form, do you see these fields?  Where do you compare and say these fields does not exist?

          It seems to me the fields you don't see are part of asset management and those fields should be on AST:Attributes form.

          Since 8.x architecture was changed and asset related attributes were separated from CMDB Classes.


          I hope this helps.



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            George Payne

            Hey Mohammad,


            The fields DO appear on the BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement form as well as the related AST: forms (AST:ComputerSystem, AST:Printer, etc.) and the AST:Attributes form.  I'm quite familiar with all of the changes since 8.x.  They DO NOT appear though when you look at the attributes of Base Element in the Class Manager...if you try to ADD an attribute, the namespace for "BMC.AM" does not exist...I've even found the underlying form that feeds the namespace menu and that record is definitely not there.  The other obvious place is trying to create a reconciliation job, when you look at the namespaces in there, the BMC.AM namespace is missing as well...at least it's consistent.

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              Mohammad Rehman

              Aah, I see, most probably missing records in OBJSTR forms. Seems CMDB repository data was not loaded properly.

              CMDB experts will shed some light and BMC Support definitely provide you quick fix.