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    Customize Report

    Rajeev Panda
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      Hi all,


      I am facing a challenge while creating a SLA report (Response & Resolution).


      What I have done: I have created a new report (incident management view) with columns Assigned Team, Number of Incidents and Measurement status.

      For measurement status field i have defined filter value as Met, Missed.

      Result : The report displays the ticket count and percentage (for Met and Missed) for each group.


      What i actually require: I want two more columns in the same report (Total Met % and Total Missed %). So that it will display the total percentage of Met and Missed tickets against the total number of tickets. This is where i am unable to find any solution.


      Why i need this ? : Although my current report shows the percentage of missed and met teamwise, it doesn't shows the total %age of met and missed against the total number of tickets.


      Ver - 9.1



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          Abhay Bagalkoti

          Hello Rajeev,


          You can pull the metric fields for missed and met again and then right click on them to use Advance Functions.

          Within Advance Function, in Analysis section; use the "Percentage of Total".


          See if it serves the purpose.




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            Rajeev Panda

            Thanks for your reply Abhay !!


            As i have mentioned in my previous post, the number of incidents displays the count (and percentage) of Met and Missed. But it shows Assigned group wise. We cannot represent this report to customer, as customer would like to see the overall %age of Missed and Met against the total number of incident tickets Closed/Resolved.


            So if we can create 2 more column as "Total Met" and "Total Missed". Then we can achieve the requirement.


            Any suggestions ?



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              Abhay Bagalkoti

              HI Rajeev,


              I created a sample report with Number of Incidents, Open Incidents and Closed Incidents.

              The Open Incidents is a calculated field with a formula as shown below in screen shot.


              Open Incidents

              Closed Incidents


              Pulled these fields into the report canvas and used Advance Function on them using "Percentage Against Column" with Number of Incidents.


              Advance Function


              Report Output



              This way you calculated for met and missed calculated fields and use the advance function.

              If required you can add assigned groups which will show the counts and percentage by group as well.


              Hope this helps.




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                Rajeev Panda

                Hi Abhay,


                Thank you for the suggestion. It worked. But i am still a little away from the requirement.

                I got the Total count of Met and Total count of Missed. But i am unable to work out on the %age part. Hope you help me out on this.


                Total closed incidents = 967

                Total Met Count = 37


                Total Missed Count = 930Report.PNG


                Now i need to take the % of Met against the Total ticket closed and similarly the % of Missed against the Total Ticket closed.

                So my output in the report should be % Met = 37/967 * 100 = 3.82 or 4% (Round up value)

                And for % Missed = 930/967 * 100 = 96.17 or 96% (Round up value)