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    9104 Service failover feature for NE seems not work for manually started jobs

    Stefan Hall

      The result is a very unpleasant and confusing situation.



      Two ARS servers, both running normalization. In the whiteboard service, the NE is active on the first server.

      • Server A, NE active
      • Server B, NE wait


      So far, so good. Any scheduled NE job runs perfectly on active NE Service on Server A

      Now we come to NE jobs started manually:

      • Manual NE job on server A, runs on server A
      • Manual NE job on server B, runs on ... Server B Not where the NE service is active.


      As a result you can never be sure despite the service control and you have to search for your log files together.

      Especially behind a loadbalancer it becomes really ugly and unnecessarily uncoordinated. Funny log file searching.

      For me, a clear defect.