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    Does Control- M 9.0.4 version does not allow Folder export in JSON using CLI and RESTAPI? Is there any limitations that Folder can only be exported in XML?How to apply Promotion Rule ( Deploy Descriptor) via XML during deployment via CLI, RESTAPI?

    Akash Laddha

      I am trying to export Control-M folders using CTM 9.0.4 version in JSON format, It is throwing the below error:


      Error While exporting into JSON using 9.0.4:

      {"errors":[{"message":"Failed to get Folder data from control-m * (folder: *) . Retrieving as JSON is not fully supported for all types and attributes. Job:Smart with name TEST_Folder_1 has an unsupported property \"month_4\" = \"0\"."}]}


      Does exporting CTM folder as JSON is not supported?



      While, I am Successfully able to export in XML. But then i have a requirement to apply promotion rules during migration using CLI and RESTAPI approach. Thus How to apply promotion rule using XML while deploying a CTM folder? Any examples or sample would help.


      Any inputs regarding the same, will be helpful.