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    Getting Job Schedules in Atrium Orchestrator 7.9.01

    Kevin Bowman

      I am attempting to get the schedules for every job that is scheduled to run in BAO.


      I found the documentation Get job schedules - Documentation for BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 8.0 - BMC Documentation for the 8.0 version and have attempted to use it, but the URL https://<hostname>:<port>/baocdp/rest/schedule leads to a 404 Error. Though I can get https://<hostname>:<port>/baocdp/rest/module to work from this BMC Tutorial video BAO: Executing Workflows using RESTful Web Services - Part 2 - YouTube .


      Does anyone know if that REST job schedule (/rest/schedule) is only supported in 8.0, I can only get /rest/module working in 7.9.01.


      Thanks for any help!