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    Need to set VLAN-ID for (new) portgroup on dvSwitch

    Thomas Stiefel

      Hello all,


      we need to migrate from Cisco Nexus 1000v to vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS). Currently I´m testing Creation of portgoups (VLANs) in vCenter.


      I added devices to BNA, added devices as Pod nodes in Pod and out it into a new network container blueprint. After importing bleuprint into BNA and fixing some minor issues I´m able to create new portgroups with initial number of ports. So far so good.


      But I also have to set the VLAN-ID in portgroup settings from default 1 to real VLAN-ID used by this network segment.



      Everything I tried failed. I thought the last command on "Device Adapter Capabilities Report" should work for this:



      But it only leads into an error:



      ConfigureAction for Nexus was:

      port-profile POC-${container.vlans[Metro VLAN]}-${container.name}

          switchport mode access

          switchport access vlan ${container.vlans[Metro VLAN]}

          vmware port-group POC-${container.vlans[Metro VLAN]}-${container.name}

          no shutdown

          state enabled



      ConfigureAction for VDS is:

      add-pg POC-${container.vlans[Metro VLAN]}-${container.name} 8

      vlan ${container.vlans[Metro VLAN]} POC-${container.vlans[Metro VLAN]}-${container.name}


      These lines are changed to following command lines (according to BNA) which should be correct:

      add-pg POC-219-HUS-Metro-219 8

      vlan 219 POC-219-HUS-Metro-219


      On VDS it is only working without second line, but ending up with VLAN-ID set to 1 and network is not working.


      If keeping second line in template I get error "The configurations of the objects are in conflict" on vCenter with following details:

      Link Aggregation Control Protocol group configured on itovi30 conflicts with the Link Aggregation Control Protocol API version multipleLag.


      1) Does anyone have an idea what´s the problem here and how to fix it?

      2) Is there any more detailed documentation about device commands than "Device Adapter Capabilities Report"?

      3) Is there any documentation about how these device adapter commands from BNA are translated into commands executed on vCenter API?

      4) Is there maybe a newer version of Device Adapter template?


      Thanks in advance,