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    Try to open SR via Digital Workplace it redirect on BMC Remedy Login Page

    Rajeev Rai
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      I configured Digital workplace  and BMC Remedy for SR as steps provided as below:

      URL: Setting up service requests through BMC Service Request Management - BMC MyIT 3.3 - BMC Documentation


      To configure AIFs for MyIT

      1. In the MyIT Administration Console, select Configuration > Enable Features > SRM pluggable provider.
        1. Set Hostname to the BMC Remedy AR System server host.
        2. Set Midtier URL to arsys, without a trailing slash character ( / ).
      2. Configure AIFs in BMC Remedy Mid Tier:
        1. After logging on to BMC Remedy Mid Tier, open the Application Administration Console, and click the Custom Configuration tab.
        2. Open Service Request Management > Advanced > Configure Advanced Interface data.
        3. For each AIF item to use in MyIT, configure the AIF information.
          For the Server field, enter the name of the AR System server.
        4. Click Save.


      after perform above steps, try to click on any SR inside the Digital Workplace it redirect to  BMC Login page. can anyone suggest to me how to fix this.

      I upgraded my Remedy from 7.6.4 to 9.1.4