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    New Validation Rule Triggering Wrong Time

    Karen Triantafyllou

      Hi Guys,


      Pretty stumped by this and wondered if anyone could shed any light on it.


      We added two new fields this weekend along with validation rules against them both. One of the rules is set up so the fields must be populated if the status = RESOLVED when the incident is in certain queues. This part seems to be working as expected however, we have tried to add an internal note to the incident (through new actions) and the validation error message is appearing when we try to save it. The incident its self isn't at the status RESOLVED so shouldn't be trigging the validation anywhere and it isn't effecting us saving the actual case, just adding a note.


      I can't replace the issue on other cases (yet) hence why I'm stumped.


      Does anyone have any insight into why it would display the error in the note section?


      Thank you