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    Group User access SRM

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      Hi all Remedy geeks and consumers !


      At IKEA we have a huge need for having group users setup accessing SRM, for example shift workers in our warehouses where early shift might report an issue and afternoon and evening shift need to follow up progress and possible solutions or respond to questions.


      We have a growing need for making multiple people accessing the group user account at the same time, is there any solution to this ? how ( if ) did you solve it ?


      Any suggestion is appreciated!


      Best ever !


      Camilla S/Remedy Foundation data manager IKEA IT

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          Igor Smrdelj

          Hi Camila,


          as far I understand, you would like to have some kind of  customer (end user) groups - so each requester - with  read only permissions - will be able to see and possibly update all SRM requests submitted by other group members ?   I don't think this is possible - only support groups users, with the right Remedy licences and permissions can update records submitted by other users.

          So, I can't  suggest any simple solution -   except  to use one  "generic requester"   Remedy account for each warehouse  for such purpose.


          BR Igor

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            Well no its more a question of several people sharing one SRM group user account but can only be logged in one at the time, I guess it’s not possible anyway but still want to check if there is a possibility for several end users being logged into one group SRM user at the same time ☺


            Thanks for replying !



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              Igor Smrdelj

              Well, there is a possibility to have users with licence type: Restricted Read, but I don't know if this can anyhow help  in your case....

              However, it should allow  at least login from multiple workstations at the same time.


              BR Igor


              Restricted Read License :

              --Allows users to search the AR System forms and submit new requests but does not allows users to modify existing requests under any conditions.

              --It does, however, allow the same login account to access the AR System from multiple IP addresses simultaneously. Restricted Read users should be able to access Remedy and submit requests, regardless the number of systems they have logged in.

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                Hi Igor


                That’s more of what I am talking about but how do one enable this then ? all we have is simple Read, where to find this functionality ? we run Remedy, we also have another issue with a 3:rd partie Chat client, as service desk uses is and it opens remedy, Remedy is regarding this new call as a new client and gives that error “ You are currently connected” even though still on the same client even.




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                  Igor Smrdelj

                  Hi Camilla,


                  You can find Licence type option Restricted Read available in USER form:




                  BR Igor

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                    Igor if this works I owe you a big one, will test and come back….



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                      I set 2 users to restricted Read and they logged into the same user account .e.g. group user but still they get, and when click ok the the other one is logged out…



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                        Ryan Nicosia

                        I don't think BMC is going to allow that even with the restricted read.  That said, why not just have them login as themselves and create a work instruction that says after they login they need to open SRM and "request on behalf" of your group user.  Also, in your work instruction, tell your folks that all tickets created for that group have to be submitted on behalf of that group user?

                        We do something similar where we have an operations center.  They all login individually but anytime they open tickets for that section, they ALWAYS submit the tickets on behalf of a group user we created called something like ENTERPRISE Operations Center


                        Now, anytime they run reports, need to look for updates, etc, they all know to do so on behalf of that group account.  Pretty straight forward and this way you never lose fidelity of who the actual person is submitting or modifying.

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                          Stefan Hall

                          We use the Business Manager console to do just that. Using assignment rules, a poweruser group is entered for the request and all these employees can see the tickets. Without having to set customer and contact separately.


                          You can find some more information

                          Enhance On-Behalf-Of (OBO) behavior in SRM and MyIT to be able to see Request from own Company/Organization/Department

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                            Hi Guys


                            Really good ideas all of them but sadly not applicable, except it could be that Restricted Read thing but that’s not working, will leave this open a while and see if any more great ideas come up ☺


                            Maybe I should raise this idea as a proposal for enhancement ! as it would really make the IKEA business much smoother in regards to IT



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                              Igor Smrdelj

                              Hi Camilla,


                              Yes, maybe you should raise an idea  -  I will vote for it...


                              I thought Ryan's idea  - "request on behalf of"   could  fit the purpose - but on the other hand - BMC docs is explicit:


                              "Users acting on behalf of another user can view only requests that they submitted on behalf of that person, and not requests submitted by the user or requests submitted by others on behalf of the user"


                              BR Igor

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                                Stefan Hall

                                Hi Camilla,

                                Probably I did not understand your requirements correctly, but we are live with the Business Manager console.

                                About 300 "powerusers" process tickets in their "power groups" via this console. Everyone in the group sees the tickets, can monitor progress and answer questions. In shifts, of course.


                                Anyway, I still think it's your exact use case.I wonder if there are any more ideas.

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                                  Hej Stefan


                                  That do sound interesting, this I will look into, any idea where I can read up on this ?  Stefan Hall sounds Swedish any hope your next door then maybe we can chat ☺