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    All Skill Routing Policies are configured with the "Set Technician Assigned to" set to one of our technicians, but some tickets still come in when the assigned technician is automatically set to our unused technician account.

    Joe Wiard

      We have a default technician account, TRACKER, that is not used by any person, and all tickets used to be assigned to this account by default until we started using Skill Routing Policies. Now, ALL policies listed under Skill Routing Policies are set to assign the ticket to one of our actual technicians, including a default policy with no criteria that is meant to catch all requests not caught by other policies. But most tickets still come in assigned to TRACKER by default. Is there some other place where this might be configured, other than Skill Routing Policies?


      My goal is to change it so, by default, all tickets are assigned to me, unless they match the criteria for one of our skill routing policies.