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    Hi Team

    Aniket Patil

      Hi Team,

      I am installing patrol package from bladelogic server automation. I already  deploy that Package on target server. And i am trying  to execute it by nsh script with nexec command  [nexec -i hostname cmd /c "C:\ANIKET\bmc_products\RunSilentInstall.exe"] but while executing this script it showing that install.ctl file unable to open...attached screenshot for reference.

      and if any other method to install patrol package please let me know.

      Thanks in advance


      aniket patil

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          Bill Robinson

          iirc you need to cd into the install dir before running it since it's looking in the current dir for the install.ctl.



          nexec -D //hostname/C/ANIKET/bmc_products -i hostname cmd /c "RunSilentInstall.exe"


          why are you doing this w/ nsh instead of depot software or a blpackage ?