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    Query On Soft Delete

    Jack Hobbs

      The Issue: A reporting team gets extract directly from the DB of all records in the Incident Management form, however the reports they produce are showing records that have been deleted.

      Records are being deleted through the Remedy Client or through a service account / integration, users should not be deleting records and we are addressing this issue separately, but I am looking for a way to identify the deleted records in the DB so that we can exclude from reports.


      I don't have direct access to the DB so I have to ask another team to extract information for me.


      So how do I identify or ask the DBA team to identify the field that captures records that have been deleted, I found another post that suggested Soft_delete_id would be the field but the reporting team here advise that they cant find this field. So I was next planning to ask the DBAs to try to identify this column, but just wanted to check that I am understanding the way it works correctly.


      Application Details - Don't Laugh

      Remedy ARS 7.5

      Remedy Incident Management 7.1

      IBM DB2


      There is no need to inform me that we need to upgrade we know that, but business priorities suggest otherwise.

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          Mohammad Rehman

          Hi Jack,

          It does not matter which version is your environment. I am unable to understand the reporting process. To better answer your situation we need clear picture, how reporting tool access the incidents or any other form data when it is deleted. I assume data is being copied over to another db for reporting and does not sync with production data when it is deleted. If that is the case then this is weak approach for reporting. Incidents should not be deleted until unless archived and you have storage issue.

          Please give us the clear picture of the deletion and reporting.