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    Discovery Access nodes skipped on optimization don't consolidate

    Clint Barnett
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      Hi All,


      I noticed that Discovery Access (DA) nodes that are skipped because of optimization reasons don't consolidate to the consolidator. In one of my scanning environments a discovery run had 650 skipped DA nodes but the consolidator (for that same run) shows only 234 skipped DA nodes. I investigated further and found that none of the skipped on optimization (OptNotBestAccessMethod, Opt1stScan, OptNotBestIP specifically) were sent over. I feel this data is still valuable and should be sync'd over. What are everyone's thoughts?


      Consolidator Run Info:




      Scanning Run Info:


      UnsupportedDevice (234)

      OptNotBestAccessMethod (208)

      Opt1stScan (113)

      OptNotBestIP (95)